The Lord Directs Our Steps



God is a personal God.  In thinking about that concept it might be hard to understand with the universe so huge and we don’t know how many other worlds are out in the universe.  Just think about our own world and the millions of people here, Does it make you feel rather small and insignificant? It does me.


On second thought, we don’t need to feel that way.  Look back over your life, I know you can pick out times when you have felt the presence of God in your life, and he has directed circumstances that could have only been His intervention or guidance in what happened.   Thus you can have the assurance that you are not just some speck in the Universe, but that you are a very special and unique person that God loves and cares for very much.


I am sure you can recall the verse that says God knows the number of hairs you have on your head.  I’ll bet you don’t even know that!  SMILE  When you feel insignificant or discouraged there are many texts you can hold to your heart and know you are important to God and he is your personal God.


In reading our text for this month you might say, I don’t feel very “godly” so what does that mean for me. Try substituting the word “humble”  or “teachable.”  You look at examples in the Bible where you see the Lord working mightily in Moses’, David’s, or Daniel’s lives—I see the word, humble and teachable.  When you and I are humble and teachable it thrills God to watch you thrive and love the life he has given you.  Oh yes, we have our down times, but he is there to hold and carry us through those times.


Love to You,






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