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When you face the unknown you might react in different ways. Perhaps embarking on new adventures you might feel scared or even excited!  The unknown can be very fearful.  Maybe you are you afraid something bad will happen to you or that it will be something you cannot handle, or something which would make you feel stupid or even hurt you.  It is only natural to be fearful when faced with a decision how to make the right choice.

 Many years ago when our son Ben was about 14.  He had a great fear of the dark.  At that time we lived  west of Spokane in the country.  We had horses, chickens, goats and a calf.  Our back porch light would shine out toward the barn and the goat shed, but the light faded into darkness behind the barn and up the hill into the woods behind our place.  One night he decided he wanted to face that fear.   Feeling like his heart was beating in his throat and filled with fear he headed past the barn into the dark and up the hill beyond—All the time listening and trying to see what might be there.  Finally when his emotions were able to grasp that there was really nothing to fear in the dark he turned and headed back toward the light of our back porch.  There was a joy in his heart, he had conquered what he feared most!

 There might be things you face all the time, and some more fearful as in the unknown of the dark or what might be hiding there.  I am so glad we have an awesome promise in our text today.  You can claim the text and be assured that God is right there with you and he will go with you no matter what you face.  He will lead you step by step and the outcome will be for his glory and your peace of heart. You don’t have to be afraid to face the scary things with him by your side.  You can also know as you face each day whatever the decisions you make, he will be with you.

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*Credit for our picture this month goes to my friend Phyllis Chamberlain

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