Stop at the Crossroads and Look Around

I’m wondering what comes to your mind when you hear the comment “He is ancient”? What do you mean by ancient? Ancient is old, very old; it’s older than old. It belongs in the past, in the distant past. What did Jeremiah mean when he told the people to ask for the ancient paths?

We can go back in time to the beginning of our world and see how God has connected with people.  The ancient paths that are successful began with God.

Talking about path’s reminds me about an experience that Loren and I had when we climbed Mt. Sinai.  It’s summit is renowned for awe inspiring sunrise views.  Each year hundreds of pilgrims and tourists want to reach the top of Mt. Sinai by sunrise.  Leaving the motel at 2AM we felt it was worth our climb to reach the summit before sunrise.

On the way up I found myself ahead of Loren and between groups of people, it was dark with some light from the stars and moon.  I came to where the path divided, so I took what I thought was the way, but it wasn’t long before it became more difficult with no clear path to follow.  It became scary to me, the vastness of the wilderness, mountains and rocks made me feel lost and small, yet somehow a quiet peace surrounded me.  Even with the quiet strength I felt around me, I was only too happy to return to the fork in the path and take the other path.

Every road or path takes you where you want to go.  So when you come to the fork in the realm of decision making what do you do? Especially if both paths have either positives or negatives.  Every day I find I make lots of decisions, some significant some just a matter of daily routine.

Don’t you feel at times when you stand at your crossroad, life just looks gray?   The outlook of our world and our situations can be the color of gloom.  The option down each path doesn’t offer any promise. There seems to be no answer. Or there might be two options that are awesome.  Then the question comes to my mind, what is around the bend I can’t see, or what are the unintended consequences that I will have to face.

I like the song written by Paul Joseph Balache, “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.”  As we bring our thinking into alignment with God we can open the eyes of our hearts so we can see hope!  So how can the ancient path help you.  We can look a little deeper and are able to find provision and hope.

So often I have found when I pray and I am open to God’s still small voice, I start to get a sense of what God is revealing to me and that path I need to take.  During the “seeking God’s will or guidance time,” I can look at how he has led people in the Bible, how he led me during the previous pivotal points in my life. I have found also there are times when someone will say something, or I will read something which seems to turn an idea on like a light bulb and I can see the decision I need to make.  Over the years Loren and I have found sometimes there are decisions where there is no right or wrong, or if we make a wrong decision the Lord will arrange circumstances which will redirect our focus.  Loren’s favorite text in this regard is Joshua 1:9 (NLT) “This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Whatever our decision God honors our freedom of choice even though sometimes he needs to nudge us this way or that so we can see the ancient path he is directing us to.

As you see that ancient path and follow, you will be able to find that peace, happiness and contentment.

Love to you,



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Love to you,




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