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Sharing My Story

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In this blog I give the basic program that I have been on in gaining my health back after cancer surgery.  Even though everything that was cancer was removed and my polyp and lymph nodes were all negative, there can be left behind toxins and harmful substances in the body that need to be gotten rid of.  Another thing to be considered is, when our immune system is low or compromised  it cannot handle what is attacking our body.

 You can click on the areas of interest to you and hopefully the information will give you a desire to further research.  In the articles quoted I include Web addresses, thus giving the writer credit and giving you the reference source.

 Each person has to find what is best for them in their journey back to full health.  Your friends and family will share what they have done or heard that could help you.  Make note of what they share, but then learn all you can from credible sources about your condition and a possible path to guide you in what you want to follow.  If you can find a trusted friend or coach who is versed in your area of concern, then you can sit down and outline the program that will best work for you. 

 My blog is not intended to prescribe, but to tell what I have found to be helpful in my recovery back to vibrant health.

 You are unique and one size does not fit all.  So discover your plan, and then go for it!

 Yours, for great health,


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If you have any questions or clarifications on shared information, feel free to email me @ rosemarie41@gmail.com


Basic Plan from my coach: “Cancer Program”

Diet Plan – vegan diet

Asparagus drink 2X/day (1 cup blended asparagrass’t/time)

Brown Rice (No other grains)

No oils, no white potatoes, no sugar

(Natural oils – avocados & nuts)

Fresh Vegetables – especially cruciferous

Fruit – moderate amount – Fresh fruit every day (they are high in sugar)

Foods that Cleanse the Liver by Dr. Edward Group III

Teas, drinks and Smoothies, Filtered water

Jason Winter tea

Red clover tea

Taheebo (Pau D’Areo Bark) tea

Nettle Tea

You may sweeten tea with stevia

Blenderizing (Juicing) by Dr. Blaylock

Green drink – Loren & Ruth’s recipe

Lemon Juice

Facts/Health Benefits of Pepperment Tea

Vegetable juices through pressure squeezing (not high speed chopping)


Immuniloe  – Immune Booster of Acemannans from Aloe Vera (which is Mannose, and is essential for all cellular functions, including those involved in repair, regeneration and defense.)

Vitamins from whole foods – nothing  synthetic

Vit. E tablet – 400 IU dry


Sweat Baths – Fever baths

Charcoal poultice

Keeping the liver healthy


Walking-four times daily, 1/2 hr. each

Moderate exercise

Deep breathing exercises in the fresh air – cancer cannot thrive in an

oxygen rich environment.

Do not sit for long periods of time:

Set your timer to get up and move around every 45 minutes

Mental, Psychological

Complete change in work and mental focus

Love of friends & family

Much time spend thinking on & reading of God’s goodness

Realizing that God is in charge and loves me

Surrendering the situation to Him & His care.